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Come Dive With Us

Here at Extreme Atmospheres our love and obsession for the underwater world keeps us diving all over the world. From the local fresh water quarries and inland lakes, to the largest fresh water bodies in the world known as the Great Lakes, the caverns and caves of Florida, and the vast saltwater Oceans of the world. We dive the world over. Come join us on our next dive adventure. 



These massive bodies of fresh water are home to some of the best shipwreck diving in the World. With the number of shipwrecks numbering in the thousands. You could dive these waters for a lifetime and never see them all. The Great Lakes environment helps to keep these shipwrecks preserved as if locked in a time capsule in a way that is unmatched anywhere else in the World. Come join our shipwreck diving adventures.



From the Uboats of World War II, to the artificial reefs that run the US coastline, oh and lets not forget the fossil rich Atlantic shelf where you can find whale vertebrae and the highly sought after Megalodon teeth. Diving the Atlantic is an experience that you will never forget.



The clear, warm waters of the Caribbean are home to Shipwrecks and Coral reefs alike. Be prepared to encounter some of the most beautiful reefs on the planet teaming with saltwater creatures of all types. The Caribbean shipwrecks also play host to these animals including the Moray Eel and even the Caribbean Reef Shark just to mention a few. These waters make for great photo opportunities to show your friends and family back home.



Famous for it abundance of coastline, Florida plays home to some very unique diving locations. The Florida Keys hold world famous shipwrecks off their coast, or move inland to the Gin clear waters of the huge water filled cave systems that lie beneath the streets and homes of the Florida residents. Florida has something for all levels of divers who wish to seek out a new adventure.



Cool and Clear, the Canadian waters cradle some of the most majestic shipwrecks on their bottoms. Or if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, Canada also is home to some very remote and extremely unique dive sites.

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