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Helium gas is used to blend Trimix breathing gas. The Heluim gas cost is based on the adjustable current market value cost of Heluim gas per cubic foot only. Cylinder fills up to 5000 psi are available based on customers cylinder working pressure.

Helium Gas

  • Trimix gas blends are a mixture of different gases. Helium is one of the gases needed to create these breathing mixtures.  Additional gases may be needed for custom gas blends including Nitrox gas mixtures and Trimix gas mixtures for complete gas blends additional gas costs and labor costs may be added. Nitrox and Trimix gas blends are custom, made to order gas blends which are blended by our very own Trained and Certified Nitrox/Trimix Gas Blender.  All gas blending is done using partial pressure blending techniques.

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