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Dive Training

      Our Class Layout


At Extreme Atmospheres we like to keep our class sizes small and intimate. This format allows for the best training environments for the trainees. Not only do we not have a minimum number of students needed to run a course, but we limit our class sizes to no more than 2 divers per class, providing a maximum amount of individual time with the Instructor throughout the course.This also permits the the instructor to focus on the individual needs of each trainee throughout the training program.

      Course Structure

The most common course structures consists of 3 a tier system. The beginning step is the course Academic sessions, the second step following the Academic Sessions is the Confined Water Training Sessions which is where you really begin to get your feet wet, literally! The final step in the Training course is the Training Dives where we venture out into natures most beautiful environments on the planet to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the training course.

      What Comes Next

After you have successfully completed your dive training course. You will have earned your dive certification at the level of diving permitted by the course you have completed. You are then free to dive at the level in which you have been certified to, with a competent dive buddy. Earning your dive certification also permits you to undergo training at the next advanced level, increase your skill level, become more comfortable in the water, extend your dive limits, and become a SAFER diver.

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